Starring: Vincent Price, John Kerr, Barbara Steele, Luana Anders, Antony Carbone & more.

Francis, played by John Kerr, goes to visit a gloomy Spanish castle that belonged to his late sister
Elizabeth's husband. The husband is played by the great Vincent Price who is there to help his wife's
brother figure out how she died. They fear that Elizabeth isn't truly dead and that her spirit is wandering
the castle at night. It turns out that Nicholas's father was a feared leader of the Spanish Inquisition.
When Nicholas was a child he saw his father torture his mother and bury her alive. He is convinced that
Elizabeth suffered the same fate. I new right from the start I would love this film for three reasons
alone. First, the story was based off a Edgar Allen Poe story, which I'm a huge fan of. The second
reason is that the film was directed by Roger Corman, who is one of my favorite Horror directors and
the third reason would be that it stars the great Vincent Price. How could you go wrong with these three
things. You can't! This is a really good movie that was kind of creepy and dark and was a little bit
ahead of it's time as far as Horror movies go.