Starring: Vicky Dawson, Christopher Goutman, Lawrence Tierney, Farley Granger, & more.

Rosemary and her date were brutally murdered by a prowler on their graduation night in 1945.
Rumor had it that it was a jilted soldier return home from the war. Thirty years later, for the first
time the dance is being held again. All the teens are geared up and ready to party, but soon the fun
will end. Shortly after the graduation dance ends the teens are slowly being killed off. The teens are
taken out in some horrific and gruesome ways. Is it The Prowler or someone else, either way the
kids are dying and they need to be stopped. This is considered one of the classic Horror films from
the eighties and one of the original teen slasher films. This also shows off some of the great SFX of
Tom Savini. Check out this classic Horror flick!