Starring: Deborah Walley, Paul Carr, David G. Cannon, Marvin Kaplan, John Crawford & more.

Six men get trapped in a cave and make a decision they will soon regret. To ward off starvation five of
the men decide to cut off the arm  of one of the others. After they cut off his arm and munch away they
survive long enough to be rescued. The men finally think the nightmare is over, but the true nightmare
is just about to begin. The man who lost his arm seeks out revenge on the men who cut his arm off. He
seeks them out one by one and slaughters them all in different ways. The movie was a little slow
through out the entire film, but the killings make up for it. The film is very low budget and not
anywhere close to being as good as most films of todays standards, but it was pretty gory and decent
for 1973. If you dig old seventies styled Horror films and Slasher / revenge type films then you'll dig
this film. Check it out!