Starring: Sandra Julien, Jean-Marie Durand, Jacques Robiolles, Michel Delahaye & more.

This film has the look and feel of a lot of the Vampire films that
HAMMER FILMS was putting out in
the 70's. This is a 70's French Vampire film by French director Jean Rollin. Honeymooners Antoine &
Isa stop at a decaying castle to visit her exotic cousins. Little do they know it's not going to be the visit
they expected. The night turns into undead lust when an Amazonian lamina emerges from an ancient
grandfather clock and seduces the bride. Dominique is a tall Vampire who also seduces them and tries to
turn them all into Vampires. I'm not a big Vampire fan, but this one has  a ton of naked French lesbian
Vampire babes in it. If you dig the old foreign Vampire films from the 60's and 70's you will love this
one. There's not much gore, but there is everything else. Watch and enjoy!