Starring: Kent Allen, Wendy Anderson, Raymond J. Barry, Jeremy Bastian, Katrina Bowden & more.

THE SHORTCUT is the first film from Adam Sandler's darker production company called SCARY
. The film is about a family who moves to a new town. The kids walk to school and they
find a shortcut through the woods on the way. They hear tails from other kids at school about the
creepy old man who lives near the shortcut in the woods. In the 50's  some kids took the shortcut and
were never seen again. Now some of the teens in school want to do their own investigating. This was a
big mistake, because they are going to regret what they find. I wasn't really expecting to like this film,
because I thought it was just another PG-13 rated teen Horror film. It may focus on the teens, but it is
one of the better ones made in the past 10 years or so. Stick it out until the end, because the film just
gets better as it rolls along.