Starring: Jessica Custodio, Zak Kilberg, Terry Erioski, Laura Bach, Travis Wood, Brad Milne & more.

THE SLAUGHTER takes on a typical storyline of six college kids who go to an abandoned house to
clean it up to earn extra money. While there they decide to turn the place into a party house. While
doing so they start exploring the house and finding out some interesting things about it. During the
process they happen to disturb a burial ground of a demon Cthulha. She is now out for blood and has
brought along some of her demon friends to get it. This film is done pretty decent for a low budget
film and a very familiar formula. There is a bunch of cool shots that utilize the dark shadows and
creepy lighting very well. There is a bunch of college kids doing typical dumb things that they
normally do in Horror flicks like drugs, having sex, partying, getting naked & so on. These kids were
some what decent and not the usual annoying ones that you just can't wait for them to get picked off.
The special effects were very decent, especially the practical ones. Some of the digital ones were a bit
obvious though. I kind of feel on the fence with this film, cause I liked the gore, the make up effects
and of course the nudity and some of the acting, but some of the acting and the CGI where a bit
tiresome. Over all I liked it and would even give it one or two more viewings, but this is because I am
a die hard fan and will watch most movies at least twice to see if I can discover something new. If you
like big budget films you still might dig this film, because even though it is low budget it was done
very well.