Starring: Gunner Hansen, Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Edwin Neal, John Dugan & more.

Sally & her wheelchair bound brother head out to a Texas graveyard to see if their grandfather's
remains are intact after a string of grave robbings. Along the way they pick up a hitch hiker who is
covered in blood. They end up being stuck in the area & need to take refuge in a small farm house.
This is where they come face to face with pure evil in the name of Leatherface. This chainsaw
wielding maniac carves up his victims & wears their skin on his face. This is one of the most messed
up & sick films ever made. If you have not seen this classic film then you shouldn't even be reading
these Horror reviews. Tobe Hooper is a legend for this one flick alone, but has done a long line of
greats in the years following! Do the dance for me baby!!!