Starring: Paolo Rotondo, Paul Glover, Christopher Graham, Darien Takle, Rebecca Hobbs & more.

THE UGLY is not a typical Horror film and is kind of done in the vein of SILENCE OF THE
& SEVEN, but with a lower budget. The film is also done in New Zealand so this also adds to
the way the film was shot. The film is a psychological thriller with some slasher Horror aspects. Karen
Shoemaker is a psychologist who is assigned to reevaluate Simon Cartwright, a disturbed young serial
killer. She starts to delve deep inside his mind and discovers that years of torment, abuse and visits from
other worldly beings has giving him an alter ego that is a serial killer known as "
THE UGLY". As the
interrogations continue we are thrown into violent flashbacks of his crimes and the lines between reality
& fantasy are blurred and we don't know if what we are seeing is real or not. The film leaves a lot of
stuff unexplained and your left being really confused, but I think this was done intentionally. I think this
is so you can kind of feel the way Simon was feeling through all his trauma and abuse. A lot of reviews
I've seen for this film were negative, but I think it's because most people just didn't understand the film
& or always looking for the big blockbuster films that force feed everything down our throats!