Starring: Corissa Baker, Scott Watson, Devin Cameron, Michael Empson, David Fienup & more.

I am a huge Zombie fan and will watch anything with Zombies in it and can also almost always find
something to like in the film, but this was really bad. The movie follows some college students who
were going to stay home, but then decide to go out. Wrong mistake on their part, because they
become face to face with hordes of Zombies in the streets. The movie is pretty low budget and more
of a micro budget film done on a shoe string budget. The story, acting and make up are all pretty bad.
Your average Zombie fan will definitely want to skip this film, because they will hate it. If your a die
hard Zombie fan like myself you'll probably check this out, but most likely will not like it as well.
There are a lot more better Zombie flicks out there, but the only really good thing I can say is that
this is not the worst Zombie flick I have seen.