Starring: Russell Jones, Craig Stovin, Jonnie Hurn, James Fisher, Anna Blades & more.

A bunch of people are infected by a virus that is slowly killing them, but then the virus reanimates
them & transforms them into flesh eating zombies. The film is done like a documentary style film
that follows a few groups of people trying to escape the virus & the zombies themselves. A group
of film makers escape London to the country side & also a group held up in a farm house that fend
off the zombies as they come closer to eating them. The film is a bit shaky at first, cause your not
sure exactly what is going on, but once the reality of the situation kicks in you are hooked. The way
the film was shot, makes you almost feel as if you are right there with the survivors. Not a whole lot
of gore happening, but there is a lot of intensity & suspense to keep you watching. One of the better
Zombie type stories in a while.