Starring: Tadanobu Asano, Sho Aikawa, Erika Okuda, Arata Furuta, Hina Matsuoka & more.

Two guys work in a fire extinguisher factory in Tokyo Japan. They both hate their jobs & want to
become Jujitsu champions. They are constantly practicing at work & their boss is always yelling at
them & beating them up. A sudden Zombie invasion plagues Tokyo & they must now use their
limited jujitsu skills to battle the undead & stay alive. The city gets overrun by the Zombies. They
join up with other fighters to take back the city. The rich have already been capturing the Zombies
& using them for their own enjoyment. They make them fight each other in an arena. Some times
they fight living people & then eat the losers. This Zombie flick had a lot of comedy mixed in &
was some what of a satire of other Zombie flicks. The film is based on the Manga Comic of the
same name.