Starring: Colin Firth, Naomie Harris, Dorothy Duffy, Cornelius Booth, Dermot Murnaghan & more.

This is a very visually dark and stunning film that is more of a suspenseful thriller than a Horror film.
It has a lot of disturbing a tense scenes that feel like your watching a Horror flick. The film follows the
dark tale of Ben, played by Colin Firth. He awakens from a long coma to find that a lot has changed in
his life. His wife was killed in a car accident and the police suspect him of the murder of a teen pop
idol. He is trying to piece things back together to try and figure out what happened. He is having a lot
of trouble discerning from reality and his paranoid fantasy. You go with Ben down the twisted path as
things slowly unravel to reveal the truth. The film kind of messes with your mind and is a
psychological thrill ride most of the way through. The film has a bit of the twisted story and visuals
like a David Lynch film. If you like having your mind screwed with while watching a film, then you
must check this one out!