Starring: Alexandra Pic, Isabelle Teboul, Bernard Charnace, Natalie Perrey, Anne Duguel & more.

This film comes from French director Jean Rollin. It's about two orphans who happen to also be
lesbians. This is a reoccurring thing in most of his films. The two orphans are blind and cannot see, but
as they get older their vision comes back, but only during the night. This is because of them being
Vampires. They go out at night and hunt down victims to feast upon. The girls act some what child
like and are kind of in a dream state. This film is done a bit artsy with very little dialogue. I'm not a big
fan of Vampire films, they are in fact my least favorite type of Horror films, but I seem to like foreign
Vampire movies better than American Vampire movies. They just seem darker, creepier and more
atmospheric. If you your a fan of American Vampire films you will hate this film. If you like seventies
styled foreign Vampire films than you'll love this film!