Starring: Robert Livingston, Lorna Gray, Ian Keith, Thomas E. Jackson, Charles Trowbidge & more.

This is a very cool atmospheric classic Horror flick. It isn't an all out Horror flick, but more of a
Supernatural Sci-Fi Horror film. The movie has a dark atmospheric feel all through out the picture.
There is enough things in this film, plus the word Zombies in the title to draw in enough Horror fans.
The story is about an insane man who feels that for him to stay alive he needs to drink human blood. He
breaks in to the offices of Dr. Rufus Maynard and steals pints of blood. After many break ins he finally
gets discovered by the doctors nurse. They proceed to try and capture him and stop him from his insane
actions. The film was really moody and creepy, but it wasn't really a Zombie flick. It was more of the
state of the people who were being drained of the blood. It had that classic
movie feel to it and reminded me a little bit of the Todd Browning's
WHITE ZOMBIE combined with
Todd Browning's
DRACULA. If you dig these films then you'll really enjoy VALLEY OF THE