Starring: Michael Alvarez, Richard Anderson, Josh Bingenheimer, Jenna Contreras & more.

I'm not a big fan of Vampire movies and think a lot of them are done very cheesy and are very boring.
This one falls some where in the middle of being good and being bad. The story is about a dark lord
Vampire named Giovanni, who is chased out of the old world and comes to America. Longshank is
Brittian's premiere Vampire slayer who follows him to hunt him down. They have a final confrontation
in the deserts of Arizon and both end up killing each other. A hundred years later he is resurrected by
Melissa, a Goth lesbian college student, after reading a book she picked up at a yard sale. This was
done by here and her four friends who regularly conduct ceremonies in the desert. When they find a
map in the book they head out to Massacre Lane and finally conjure up the Vampire lord. The lord
Giovanni attempts to bring the girls into his coven by seducing them and having sex with them. The
girls soon realize how much they don't want to become part of the Vampire world. This film was done
on a very low budget, which is obvious after one viewing. That wasn't the problem for me, because I
love low budget Horror films, the problem was that there really wasn't much of a story, the acting was
really bad and there was very little actually going on. The film reminded me of one of those late night
softcore adult films, just with Vampires as the focus. There was a lot of nudity, but there usually is in
Vampire movies. There isn't anything new going on in the Vampire legacy here, but there really isn't
much in a lot of the Vampire films out there. So if your looking for something original seek it
somewhere else, but if you're looking for some fun & good old cheese you've come to the right place!