Starring: Adrienne Corri, Thorley Walters, Anthony Higgins Laurence Payne, Richard Owens & more.

Residents of a small European town are quarantined because of years prior they slayed a Vampire by
the name of Count Mitterhaus. They are relieved when a small circus comes to their village to bring
some fun and enjoyment to them. The circus seems normal enough until people start going missing
from their village. It is soon discovered that Vampires are running the circus and are looking to
resurrect their master who happens to be Count Mitterhaus. The towns folk try to do what ever they
can to survive the Vampires all while ridding their village of these demons.
definitely the masters of the Gothic Horror films, but
VAMPIRE CIRCUS is more of a light hearted
Horror film and has a bit more family film feel. It's weird that the film is only rated PG, because there
is a naked woman who is painted up like a snake woman doing some snake dances and some other
sexual subject matters. This is not one of my favorite of the
HAMMER FILMS, but it is definitely at
the top of the list as one of the best for the time. If you want a little bit of a twist on the typical
Vampire story than check out