Starring: Taliso Soto, Roger Daltry, Richard Joseph Paul, Brian Bloom, Corinna Harney & more.

I heard this movie was bad, but didn't expect it to be this bad. The movie is based on the comic book
of the same name.
VAMPIRELLA comes to earth from her home planet of Drakulon to avenger her
fathers death & kill Vladimer Dracula. He killed her father & fled to earth to hide. He takes many
forms over the years & this was very bad, from the script, acting, costumes, special effects & so on.
I love cheesy B-movies, but this one was trying too hard to be a great multi million dollar
blockbuster & has failed horribly. Everything bad I heard about this film was true. Taliso, who
plays Vampirella, was the best thing about this film & that is only cause she looked like the
character in the comic book!!!