Starring: Hugh Jackman, Robbie Coltrane, David Wenham, Grey Delisle, Dwight Schultz & more.

This is a thirty minute animated short that is a prequel to the full length feature live action film. In
this animated film The Knights Of The Holy Order send the monster hunter Van Helsing into the
bowels of London to search out and capture the demonic Mr. Hyde. He has taken the city of London
captive as it's people fear the night because of his alter ego Dr. Jeckyl who at night turns into the
monstrous Mr. Hyde. They hunt him through the night and try to stop him from killing more
people. This film does use Hugh Jackman as the voice of Van Helsing and is directed by Sharon
Bridgeman, who also directed the live action film. It has a dark and eerie vibe and feel just like the
live action film. If you dig the live film, then you might enjoy this animated short as well. The only
downfall is there is no Kate Beckensale.