This is a reissue of the band Swedish Death Metal band VERMIN's first release.
VERMIN started out in the early '90's and then split up around the year 2000. These guys
play an old school (which was still the current style then) of Swedish Death Metal. These
guys were part of that huge movement back in the '90's when all Death Metal bands where
trying to sound like they were from Sweden, even if they weren't.
VERMIN was from
Sweden and they helped create that style and sound that the rest of the world was
copying, but I don't feel they ever got enough of the created they deserved. They were
over shadows by bands like
IN FLAMES & ENTOMBED. They play a solid mid ranged
style of Death Metal that has a lot of groove, depth, aggression and brutality that will
make any older Death Metal fan happy. There are some touches of Thrash Metal in the
guitars at times, but very slight. The vocals are a mid ranged Death growl / scream style.
These guys are a prime example of why the Swedish Death Metal scene had a huge impact
on the underground Metal community. I was around when this movement was going on
(and even way before) and loved every thing I heard coming out of Sweden at that time. I
really miss those days cause there were a lot of high quality talented bands emerging all the
time. I'd like to thank
PUNISHMENT 18 for this reissue and remembering the good old
days of the Swedish Death Metal scene by bringing back this gem that I'm sure a lot of
people never got to hear at the time of it's release. This is an absolute must for anyone who
remembers those days and for fans of bands like