Starring: Eric Jay Beck, April Matson, Akeem Smith, Greg Cipes, Elisha Skorman & more.

A group of friends driving down a back road stop to pick up a woman hitch hiking. She ends up
drugging them all with some strange gas. They awaken in a locked house not knowing where they
are. A TV in one of the rooms comes on and a woman explains to them why they have been captured.
They have been implanted on the back of their heads a small device. The device collects the fluids
that are produced by the brains when pain is induced. The only way for them to escape is to fill the
tubes with the fluids that will release the device and unlock the house. If they try to remove the
device it will trigger a booby trap. The group must administer as much pain as they can to each other
to fill up the tubes. They start out with some small amounts of pain, but it's not enough. They must
take things to the next level and dish out way more amounts of pain. The film is done in a torture /
Horror type genre, but they have kind of taken it in a different direction. The fact that the captives
have to do the torture to each was a new twist. The pain and gore is pretty intense and really makes
you squirm as it is being projected. The torture is all simple and believable, because it's done with a
lot of things around the house and everyone could actually picture it happening to them. Most
people don't like the torture elements of the Horror genre, but I feel it has it's place just like
everything else. This was a pretty decent low budget film with a bunch of unknowns. The story was
simple, but done very well and deserves to be checked out!