Starring: Aidan Gillen, Eva Birthistle, Timothy Spall, Ella Connolly, Ruth McCabe & more.

Two grieving parents who lost their daughter Alice to a vicious dog attack decide to relocate to a small
town named
WAKE WOOD. The towns folk seem to be a little different and they soon discover that
they are involved in Pagan rituals, which bring people back to life, but only for a little while. They
decide to have them perform a ritual that would grant them three more days with their daughter. The
ritual is a success, but they later discover what the price will be for bringing their daughter back. They
try to leave the town before the three days are up, but they can't leave. The towns folk rally together to
take the girl back and then something else unexpected happens. This was a very good, secluded creepy
town movie. It's one of those films about a town that is in the middle of no where that has no contact
with the outside world and the whole town is in on something strange together, kind of like the towns
THE VILLAGE, SILENT HILL & HOT FUZZ. A decent little film with a creepy vibe!