Starring: Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Analeigh Tipton, Rob Corddry, John Malkovich & more.

WARM BODIES is one of those movies I went into thinking it could be really bad or it could be really
good. It's a Zombie flick told from the Zombie's point of view. The film is a romantic comedy with
Zombies, (rom-zom-com) which was made popular by the great
follows the life of R, a Zombie that can think and can remember some things from his human life. He
and his best friend M, another Zombie, played by Rob Corddry & a bunch of other Zombies all live at
the airport. When their food supply gets low they venture out into the city. They come across a group
of young people who are on a training mission looking for medicine & health supplies. They come
across R and his group of Zombies. They attack the group and end up killing most of them. When they
start eating the victims brains they absorb the victims memories. As they consume more and more they
start remembering things from the human world. R takes one of the survivors named Julie back with
him to the airport. He covers her with blood so the other Zombies don't notice her and won't eat her. He
has made a home in an abandoned airplane, where he collects stuff from the human world. He slowly
learns to speak again and tells her to stay with him if she wants to stay alive. The more time he spends
with her the more and more human he becomes. Soon his heart starts to beat again and he tries to tell
the other Zombies that they can become human again. They start to follow him, but now they need to
survive not only from the humans killing them, but another breed of Zombies called Bonies, that are
really skinny and skeleton like. These Zombies are very vicious, brutal and too far gone to be turned
back. The Bonies force the other Zombies out, by hunting them down, but they are now heading
straight towards the humans. The humans are planning an all out attack to wipe out all the Zombies.
Now Julie must convince her father, the leader of the group that there is hope and the Zombies can be
turned back again. Yeah, there was a cheesy love story and an underlining theme of "love concurs all",
but this film was really good. It was very funny, had some new twists on the Zombie genre, good
writing & acting as well. I also like that the narrative and story were done from the Zombies point of
view. If you can get passed the sappy love story, then you will find yourself really enjoying this film.