Starring: Michael Keaton, Chandra West, Deborah Kara Unger, Ian McNiece, Sarah Strange.

White Noise is what is actually known as E.V.P. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). This film is based
on true events. Michael Keaton is a contractor who's wife is a writer. A few weeks before her book
is released she who has been receiving messages from his wife on the other side. She starts
contacting him & giving him messages. She tries to tell him about women who will be killed soon.
He doesn't know this at first until one of the women contacts him after she is murdered. Then he
pieces together some of her messages & is able to save a babies life, right before it is to be killed.
Who ever is doing this from the other side starts to come for Michael Keaton. The movie is a little
slow in the beginning, but quickly kicks in & gets a bit freaky. If you believe in E.V.P. then you'll
enjoy this film a lot. I did!!!