Starring: Tara Spencer-Nairn, Michael Trucco, Jason Thompson, John Novak & more.

The Djinn has returned again in this fourth installment of the
WISHMASTER series. Lisa releases
him this time through the opening of an ancient antique box. The Djinn spirit takes the form of
Lisa's lawyer, who already has a crush on her. He aims to fool her into making three wishes that of
course always come with consequences. She is reluctant to make them, but eventually does make the
wishes. As she makes the wishes she conjures up the Brotherhood of Djinn. This is when all hell
starts to break loose. This installment is a lot different than the other films in the series. The Djinn
falls in love with the woman and wants him for himself. He is not as evil or angry as he was in the
previous films. There wasn't much gore, nudity or even story, but it still was a decent addition to
the film series, even though it's my least favorite in the series.