Starring: Kip Par due, Bijou Phillips, Crispen  Glover, Jeffrey Combs, Brad Dour if & more.

This is a remake of the 1970 Herschel Gordon Lewis film of the same name. An amateur journalist
goes to see an underground magic show. The magician has a show like no one else. He seems to
violently murder his female volunteers right in front of his audiences. It's all considered an illusion
until the journalist investigates & discovers that the girls have been turning up dead a few days later
from the same wounds they were inflicted with during the show. He tries to expose him to people,
but no one is buying it & they just think he's crazy. This is filled with tons of gore, blood & violence.
Crispen Glover was a perfect choice in the lead role & the same with the Suicide Girls as his
assistants. . I dig this film a lot, but enjoy the original much better!