Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Matthew Fox, Eric Weston, David Morse & more.

WORLD WAR Z takes a new look at the Zombie plague that is sure to infect the human race. This
film is based off the Max Brooks (Mel Brooks' son) book of the same name. The film follows Brad
Pitt who is a United Nations investigator as he races around the globe to stop a Zombie pandemic that
is taking over the globe. The movie starts off in Philadelphia where Brad Pitt is driving in Center City
Philadelphia with his family. They are stuck in traffic when they first get a glimpse of the effects of
the plague. A horde of infected come rushing down the streets in a violent speed freak way and just
attacking everything in it's path. Brad Pitt finds a way to get his family to safety and contact his
people in the government. They rescue his family from a top a building and then recruit him to travel
the globe to search for a cure. He takes them up on the job, or his family is on their own. He travels
the globe going from government facilities to try and find a cure. Along the way he teams up with
armies and scientist from all over to find something that would put an end to this unstoppable force of
the undead. This form of Zombies are different than anything I have ever seen in a Zombie flick. The
Zombies here are relentless and nothing seems to stop them. They are extremely fast a they just plow
into each other, climb over each other and even kill each other. This was a very cool twist on the
Zombie genre. I know this film has gone through a lot of changes in the production and was pushed
back a bunch of times. I'm not sure what was changed, but I think the film would have been a little
better if it was rated R and they added a little more gore. I think with having a big named actor like
Brad Pitt in the film, they wanted to try and appeal to a wider audience. I usually prefer more lower
budget Zombie films, but for a big budget one, they did a really good job on this film. It probably is
the biggest budget for a Zombie flick with the most different locations and the most different Zombies.
I saw this film when it hit the theaters, but haven't had the chance to review it until now. Even if your
not a Zombie fan I still think a lot of people will dig this flick.