Starring: Ray Misterio Sr., Irwin Keyes, Adam Huss, Leyla Milani, Catherine Wreford & more.

A young independent film maker is looking for the perfect location to shoot his feature film. They
come upon a small remote Mexican ghost town as their location. They starts filming parts of the
movie when they soon find out that this is the lair of the legendary El Mascarado.  He is an old
deranged Mexican wrestler who begins to kill off the cast & crew of the film.  He has to kill them
off in the style of the Mexican death match style. Once you have them pinned you must remove
your opponents mask. In this case he destroys them, beats them up & then rips their face off. The
only way to defeat him is to pin him down & remove his mask. This films sounds pretty cheesy &
dumb, but it was done really well & has a lot of really cool bloody death scenes. Enter the ring!