Starring: Sean Skene, Blane Cypurda, Dan Skene, Tristan Carlucci, Scott Johnson & more.

In this fourth installment of the
WRONG TURN series, they take you back to the beginning of how
the redneck inbred family from the first three films came to be. A group of friends take a weekend to
go out to one of the groups families place in the woods. They drive up to a certain point and then ride
their snow mobiles the rest of the way. As night falls they soon find themselves lost and make a wrong
turn. They keep riding in the wrong direction until they come across and abandoned sanitarium. They
decide to camp their until the morning. Once they get inside and get the power going they start to party.
After they party a little they then explore the sanitarium. This is where they awaken the three inbred
cannibalistic redneck brothers. They were deformed and disturbed children who were placed in the
sanitarium until they escaped by killing & eating everyone inside. This was a very cool Horror film
with lots of violence and blood and is just as good as the first three films in the series.