Starring: Doug Bradley, Camilla Arfwedson, Simon Ginty, Roxanne McKee, Oliver Hoare & more.

WRONG TURN film series is one of my favorite Horror franchises and pretty much every film is
decent. So far, the series hasn't really gone downhill like most of the Horror franchises out there. In this
new flick a group of friends end up in this little small town where they are having the annual Mountain
Man Halloween festival. This works out well for the local inbred cannibal family to hide in plan site.
The local authorities have there hands full with the drunks and rowdies at the festival, but things are
about to get worst. Some of the friends end up in a jail cell next to the head of the inbred cannibal
family, who is played by the great Doug Bradley (Pinhead from the
HELLRAISER series). His
relatives are going to stop at nothing to get him out. They head down into town and start killing off
anyone that gets in their way. At the same time the other friends need to find away to get their friends
out of jail too. The two groups end up crossing paths and the blood starts to spill. This sequel seemed
to have a smaller budget & I believe was filmed in another country as well, but it still holds up to the
others in the series. If your a fan of the rest of the series than you will love this film as well. Another
great addition in another great Horror franchise. Blood, guts, cannibals & nudity, what more could you
ask for?