Starring: Misty Orman, Tiffany Black, John M Davis, Jeremy Schwab, Alecia Peterman & more.

Once they are there & settle down in camp they hear on the radio that there is supposed to be a
meteor shower. Bunny & Steve play match makers to their friends Tammy & Trevor & plan a
camping get away in the woods. The nearby cemetery has a leak of radioactive liquid into the
ground. The dead bodies start to rise from the ground & need to eat flesh to satisfy their hunger.
They head to the camp ground & start eating all the campers. They each start turning into zombies
themselves. This is a "campy" Horror comedy that kind of plays off of many of the more famous
Horror flicks & Horror clichés. Even though this was a low budget Horror movie, I think the intent
was to make it cheesy & campy, just like it turned out.