Starring: Emily Hagins, Megan Hagins, Jerry Hagins, C. Robert Cargill, Tiger Darrow & more.

ZOMBIE GIRL is a documentary that follows 12 year old Emily Hagins as you sets out to make her
first full length feature film called
PATHOGEN. Her inexperience means nothing compared to her
drive to create this Zombie film. The film follows her two year journey through good times and bad,
fun & struggles and stressful times to achieve her goal. The majority of it focuses on Emily and her
mom who are pretty much the agents, producers, crew and cast of the film. It shows all the aspects of
true independent film making. She also uses some other family members and friends in the film as
well. It takes you all the way to the premier of her film. If she has done this much work at age twelve,
hopefully she will continue in the industry as she gets older. I haven't seen the actual film yet, but I am
all for anyone who supports, dedicates, promotes and has a love for the Horror genre!