Starring: Jenna Jameson, Robert Englund, Penny Drake, Roxy Saint, Whitney Anderson & more.

With a name like
ZOMBIE STRIPPERS, how could you not want to see this film. I was expecting
this to be really bad, but it was really good. A government experiment goes horribly wrong & some
of the infected escape to compound. They retreat to a near by strip club to hide out. As the virus
grows more & more inside, so does rival strippers working in the club who keep fighting each other.
The infected one attacks the other & bites her. They keep attacking other strippers & customers in
the club until everyone is turned into Zombies. A few of the people who survive are trying to take
out the
ZOMBIE STRIPPERS before they get eaten themselves. This was a really killer flick that
had a lot of Comedy, Horror, Gore & naked strippers. Every Zombie fan must see this flick!