Starring: Warren Speed, Victoria Hopkins, Victoria Broom, Marysia Kay, Peter Bonner & more.

I was really hoping like this movie a lot. With a hot dead chick on the cover and the words Zombie &
Satan in the title, how could you go wrong? Right? Well, this is a really low budget Horror flick out of
England. The film is about a Rock singer who's sister gets kidnapped and she will stop at nothing to
find her. She gets the circus burlesque group that she performs in to help her out. The group heads out
to this remote farm where they are going to do an interview for some web channel. While at the farm
they soon discover that there is something else going on there as well. The farm is home to a cult for
women and a laboratory that is experimenting on them and turning them into Zombies. The Zombie
women start breaking out of the farm and going after anyone they can. The circus burlesque group is
lead by Pervo The Clown and he and his troupe must now do what they can to survive. In the
process they are killing off half naked Zombie women. The story line was a bit weak and the acting
was sub par, while the make up was not that great as well. It seemed more like a bunch of friends that
just got together to make a Horror flick. It was done on a really low budget, but was decent at least for
one viewing. This film was done in more of a comedic sense rather than a straight up Horror flick!